Job Openings (for Native Speakers)


We currently have job-openings for native English speakers at the position as an instructor, who aims to live and work in Japan as a long-term worker with us. If your first and mother tongue is English, please check and apply for it on Jobs in Japan,, or from our application form below this page. We don’t accept both any of phone call applications and any of the ones from non-native English speakers whose English is the second language for this position category.

SevenSeas English Academy is establishing a truly international and multicultural organization where anybody can work comfortably regardless of their nationalities or cultures under the business regulations and legal and business requirements of the local business market. This is not a typical or traditional Japanese company dominated only by a local mind but a new platform managed by various nationalities.

We will realize a new sort of organization not by hierarchy but by competency and contribution of each employee. Thus, all employees can join its business management by suggesting improvements or new ideas here at SSEA. Please show your abilities and try to realize the future for yourself by yourself, it’s you who will create our future and the world.

SSEA promises this is certainly the most rewarding and comfortable workplace here in Japan. We look forward to meeting our new teammate and family member who will challenge our goal together.

Thank you for your interest in SevenSeas English Academy.

[Description of Current Job-Opening]

Why do more instructors choose SSEA as an ideal workplace?

・Truly diverse atmosphere managed not only by Japanese but also by Westerners

・Close knit relationships and cooperation among all members

・Relaxed attire regulation
 (Suits and ties are not required.)

・Everybody is respected as an individual and isn’t treated as disposable

・Competitive hourly payment
 (1,700 to 3,000 yen, over 2,000 yen on average )

・Competitive monthly payment
 (200,000 to 260,000 yen a month)

・Moderate working hours
 (5 to 7 hours a day)

・Generous holidays
 (Annually 125 days or more)

・3 long vacations
 (7 day holiday or longer during GW, summer and winter)

・No split shifts
 (Off on Sundays and Mondays)

・Stable and predictable schedule

・Promotion opportunities
 (Some work as managers or executives.)

Why are we able to achieve the above working conditions?

・Half of the executive team members are not Japanese.

・SSEA knows our employees are our number one asset.

・Executives know a comfortable environment will create a better business.

・The success of SSEA enables us to offer better pay and environment to employees.

What SSEA wants to accomplish

・Change Japanese conversational education and environment

・Mutual understanding and contribution to the people in an international society

・Create a fair and diverse workplace which separates us from other schools

・Make students and employees happy

Our operating principle

・Students First, Employees Second, Profits follow at the end.

・Be the right person before a business person.

Ideal applicants are someone

・who can teach English sincerely and politely,

・who can maintain a good rapport with our Japanese students.

・who aim to stay in Japan long-term and are interested in building an understanding of Japanese culture and customs in order to better relate to their students.

What is required to apply

・Holding valid working visa
(Japanese National, Permanent Resident, Spouse or Child of Japanese National, Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services)

・English as their mother tongue

・Bachelor’s degree

・Future goal you want to attain at SSEA

・Hospitality as a service related worker

・Challenging mindset

・Resume/CV with a portrait photo

What is NOT required to apply

・Japanese proficiency (Prefered but not mandatory at the current moment)

・Teaching experience (Prefered but not mandatory as long as you are a person who likes new challenges.)

Tasks include

・English teaching to students
 (from elementary school age to seniors)

・Preparation of classes and curriculum

・Collection of tuition fees

・Lesson scheduling

・Tidying classroom

Contract Hours

Tues to Fri : 15:45pm to 8:45pm
(occasionally to 9:45pm)

Saturday: 8:45am – 4:45pm
(with an hour lunch break, occasionally to 5:45pm)

*We set 15 mins gap between classes, and assign up to 5 classes in a row, up to 7 classes a day, to take care of our instructors with a good break to refresh.Full-time working hours will be offered after the stable employment is confirmed.


1,700 yen to 3,000 yen
(dependent on type of class and number of students)
per hour scheduled (45 mins lesson + 15 mins prep)

Example from our instructors

Approximately 2,000~2,100 yen on average per 45 mins class,

200,000~260,000 yen for a month

5 to 6 working hours a day on average

(Examples for part-time contracts. Further contracts can be offered when promoted.)

Transport Costs

Paid up to 800 yen per day

Benefits Package

Free Japanese class

Partial Home Office options (If there is no on-site classes)

Flu Vaccination reimbursement

Legal Paid Leave

Sick / Feminine Leave

Employment Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance for job-related accidents

(Corporate Health Insurance and Pension will be available in the future. National health insurance and pension are available through the Japanese government’s national health insurance and pension systems.)

Contract Term

3 month probationary period, then 6 months. Second contract 1 year upon renewal. We welcome new teammates who will be working with us for years.


Seven Seas English Academy

Chikatetsu-Akatsuka Branch

1 minute walk from the Chikatetsu-Akatsuka station of the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho and Fukutoshin subway lines, or 3 minutes walk from the Shimoakatsuka station of the Tobu Tojo line.

Hikawadai Branch

1 minute walk from the Hikawadai station of the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho and Fukutoshin subway lines.

Ekoda Branch

1 minute walk from the Ekoda station of the Seibu Ikebukuro line, 10 minutes walk from the Kotake-Mukaihara station of the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho and Fukutoshin lines, or 10 minutes walk from the Shin-Egota station of the Toei Oedo subway line.

Fujimidai Branch

1 minute walk from the Fujimidai station of the Seibu Ikebukuro line.

It is you who will establish our future, and we look forward to meeting our new teammate!

Before your application, please visit our website to check and understand our philosophy at,