Job Openings (for Native Speakers)


We currently have job-openings for native English speakers at the position as an instructor. If your first and mother tongue is English, please check and apply for it on Jobs in Japan,, or from our application form below this page. We don’t accept both any of phone call applications and any of the ones from non-native English speakers whose English is the second language for this position category.

SevenSeas English Academy is establishing a truly international and multicultural organization where anybody can work comfortably regardless of their nationalities or cultures under the business regulations and legal and business requirements of the local business market. This is not a typical or traditional Japanese company dominated only by a local mind but a new platform managed by various nationalities.

We will realize a new sort of organization not by hierarchy but by competency and contribution of each employee. Thus, all employees can join its business management by suggesting improvements or new ideas here at SSEA. Please show your abilities and try to realize the future for yourself by yourself, it’s you who will create our future and the world.

Please note that our business operating principle is “Student First” and HR philosophy is “Be a right person before a business person”. You are required to be sincerer as a person and a service provider than any instructors outside of SSEA, and never allowed to pursue your own profits only for yourself here. Students first, employees second, and the profits will follow at the end, that’s our business policy. Our goal is not to pursue large profits but to change the Japanese educational environment. You must work and cooperate with all family members as a team member to realize our goal altogether. If you are that kind of person, SSEA promises this is certainly the most rewarding and comfortable place to work here in Japan. We look forward to meeting our new teammate and family member who will challenge our goal together.

Thank you for your interest in SevenSeas English Academy.


Regardless of your nationality, English MUST be your first and native language. If English is not your FIRST language your application will not be considered. Furthermore, you must be RESIDENT in Japan with a valid visa to work in Japan. Overseas applicants or applicants without a valid working visa will not be considered. Visa sponsorship is not available.

Regarding your visa status, Permanent Resident or Spouse or Child of Japanese National visas will be preferred as priority hiring, but appropriate status such as working visa (only Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services ;技術/人文知識/国際業務) and Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted (資格外活動許可) will be also considered. Please include your visa type and status and expiration on your CVs/resumes. CVs/resumes without visa information will not make it past our initial screening.

While applying, please send your CV/resume along with a recent photo of yourself. Teaching experience is not necessary, but CVs/resumes which do not include a photo will not be considered for an interview. We DO NOT accept any application inquiries by phone. Please apply with your CV/resume for the document screening first.

[Description of Current Job-Opening]

Seven Seas English Academy (SSEA) is now seeking part-time native English instructors at its new branches in north-west Tokyo (Nerima Ward) due to its business expansion. SSEA is experiencing a high influx of new students and expanding its business in spite of the economic turbulence under COVID-19, thanks to its unique class style and our exceptional human resources.

The ideal applicant is someone who can teach English sincerely and politely, and who can maintain a good rapport with our Japanese students. We hope to find a candidate who aims to stay in Japan long-term and is interested in building an understanding of Japanese culture and customs in order to better relate to their students.

Some basic proficiency in Japanese is preferred, but not required. The majority of work is carried out in English and all support staff are English-speaking.

Any prior teaching experience you have will certainly be an advantage, but is not considered mandatory, as we believe the most important attribute for a successful English instructor is your desire and ability to connect with your students. Therefore, we look forward to receiving your application even if you have little to no previous teaching experience or Japanese language ability but have an interest in learning more.

SSEA is a rapidly growing business and the quality of our teaching staff as people is our strongest selling point among our students. We also offer a highly competitive hourly rate, flexible working hours, generous holidays, convenient locations, relaxed dress code, and free Japanese tuition for dedicated staff members.

All of this, plus a casual and easygoing environment makes SSEA a great place to work with a unique, close-knit, welcoming atmosphere that is rare among English schools in Japan. These differences are from its unique business management that the school is managed not only by the Japanese founder but also by western executives with flat relationships to envision an ideal workplace. Our goal is not monetary, but to improve conversational English education in Japan not as a Japanese company but as a truly international organization where all people can work comfortably and challenge various obstacles regardless of nationalities, and where nobody will be treated as disposable. As a result, we have not had an instructor leave SSEA for the past 4 years. We look forward to hiring someone who can help us meet that goal!

Our instructors are the number one assets of SSEA. Let’s challenge this monumental goal together, as it is you who will establish our future.

Tasks include:

English teaching to students
(from elementary school age to seniors)
Preparation of classes and curriculum
Collection of tuition fees
Lesson scheduling
Tidying classroom

Contract Working Hours:

Tues to Fri : 12:45pm to 8:45pm
(with an hour break, occasionally to 9:45pm)
Saturday: 8:45am – 4:45pm
(with an hour lunch break)

* Full-time position will be offered if the performance of the employee is regarded as adequate.


1,700 yen to 3,000 yen
(dependent on type of class and number of students)
per hour scheduled (45 mins lesson + 15 mins prep)

Example from our instructors
Approximately 2,000~2,100 yen on average per slot,
200,000~250,000 yen for a month
(after most slots are filled with students)
5 to 6 working hours a day on average

Transport Costs:

Paid up to 800 yen per day.

Contract Term:

Initial contract 6 months with a 3 month probationary period. Second contract 1 year upon renewal.


SevenSeas English Academy

1.Fujimidai Branch (Scheduled to be opened in a few months)
1 minute walk from Fujimidai station off the Seibu Ikebukuro line.

2.Ekoda Branch
1 minute walk from Ekoda station off the Seibu Ikebukuro line, 10 minute walk from Shin-Egota station off the Toei-Oedo subway line, or 10 minutes walk from Kotake-Mukaihara station off the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho and Fukutoshin subway lines.

Before your application, please visit our website to check and understand our philosophy at,